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Total Tennis Philosophy

Total Tennis believes in providing High Quality Tennis coaching for all levels; from social tennis to top level competitive tennis tailoring to each individual and group.


Total Tennis Objectives & Techniques

Total Tennis was established with the following objectives and applied techniques in mind:

  • To deliver dynamic and exciting tennis lessons to player of all skill levels using modern sports science biomechanics.
  • To provide individual with the opportunity to learn the sport based on their own learning pace in a safe and well guided environment.
  • To help those picking up the sport without even hand-eye-coordination using biomechanics right down to the basics of the ball.
  • To program the training base on individual or group level starting from fundamental aspect of the game; grip, stance, and strokes to footwork and progressively into competitive level focussing on the world of nutrition, psychological and tactical play.


Why Total Tennis?

At Total Tennis, we aim to provide a Holistic Tennis Program that looks at all the areas of the game from fitness, nutrition, psychology, motor skills and even periodization of training for competitive players, customizing to each individual and group.


Coach Profiles

Total Tennis Coach Adeline

Coach Adeline

Adeline has been playing tennis since the age of 7. Back in Malaysia, she has represented her district and was selected to represent the Johor state to compete at the national level tournaments throughout her years in school. While pursuing her degree in Multimedia University(MMU), she represented her university team for several inter-varsities tournament. As the President of tennis club, she started organizing coaching lesson for university students and was appointed as the tournament director to organized several open and closed tournaments. Adeline started coaching since 2008 as a part-time coach in her university and has been coaching ever since. She is currently a full-time coach giving lessons to all ages.

Total Tennis Coach Weiming

Coach Weiming

Weiming’s passion for tennis grows beyond motivating & developing interest in the sports from kids to adults, imparting competitive spirit, comaderie, discipline, team work and leadership. Weiming is currently coaching the elite tennis squad in the Global Indian International School. He has also coached and guided volunteers for the tennis try out in the Singapore Get Active Sports Festival. He is also involved in the STA junior tennis scheme by coaching young persons from ages of 6 to 14 years. Having also coached local educational institution such as Temasek Polytechnic students and Zhenghua primary school pupils, Weiming is able to connect and motiviate people from all ages.

Weiming is an avid tennis player having played for Raffles Instituition in the ‘C’ and ‘B’ Division. He is both an active participant in the local National tennis championship sanctioned by the Singapore Tennis Association as well as overseas competition organised by the International Tennis Federation.

Totaltennis Abhishek


Abhishek has been playing tennis since the young age of 5. A right-hander with a strong forehand and sharp volley. In India, he has won several state-level competitions and was selected to represent his state in the national competition. Most notably, he was also the runner-up at the All India Public School Tennis Competition. Over his schooling years, he has captained several of his school teams, both in India and his college team in Singapore. He was also part of the National University of Singapore varsity team for the 2013/2014 season that emerged as champions and now plays regularly in the ‘B’ grade inter-club tournaments.

Total Tennis Lew Yong-He

Lew Yong-He

Yong-He has been in the tennis circuit since he was 12 years old. He has been playing competitively and has represented his schools in the ‘C’, ‘B’, ‘A’ divisions and also the National University of Singapore (NUS). His achievements include representing NUS at the Singapore University Games (SUniG) in 2014, helping the team to win Gold for the team event. He was also the captain of the NUS tennis team at the 26th Biennial Intervarsity Games in Hong Kong where they emerged as 1st runner-up, winning top university teams from Australia and Taiwan.