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Who is Total Tennis?

With over 15 years of coaching experience under his belt, Coach Ian seeks to replicate his success with his Ian-Style training that is loved by hundreds of his students.

He is one of a handful of International Tennis Federation (ITF) level 2 certified coach in Singapore. Currently, he is the head coach for Henry Park Primary School & National University of Singapore (King Edward VII team).

Coach Ian is no stranger to the local tennis scene, having played competitive tennis from a young age (representing SAFSA) and coaching since his college days. Harnessing his vast experience both as a player and a coach, coupled with his sports science background, he has groomed numerous players to qualify into the National Squad.

His other coaching experiences are coaching the National Training Squad (NTS) – Farrer Park, grooming Singapore top Junior tennis players, 

At Total Tennis, we believes in providing high quality and holistic coaching programs that targets a 360° approach. It ranges from fitness, nutrition, psychology, motor skills and even periodization of training for competitive players, customizing to each individual and group. 

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Total Tennis believes in providing high quality tennis coaching for all levels; from social tennis to top level competitive  tennis, tailoring to each individual and group.

 We hope to welcome you through our doors now and in the future.

Why Choose Total Tennis?

deliver dynamic and exciting tennis lessons to player of all skill levels using modern sports science biomechanics

provide individual with the opportunity to learn the sport based on their own learning pace in a safe and well guided environment 

help those picking up the sport without even hand-eye-coordination using biomechanics right down to the basics of the ball

program the training based on individual or group level starting from fundamental aspect of the game; grip, stance, and strokes to footwork progressively into competitive level focussing on the world of nutrition, psychological and tactical play



Motor Skills


The above approach is to achieve the following objectives:

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Our Dedicated Coaches

Established in 2015, Total Tennis was started by Coach Ian who is passionate about tennis and he believes that everyone can enjoy tennis with ease.

With more than a decade of coaching experience under his belt, he seeks to replicate his success with his training methodology that he had perfected over the years. Total Tennis was started with a mission: 

To bring out the potential in everyone.

National University of Singapore (NUS) Sheares team, ITE College Central, Tanjong Katong Girl’s School, Global Indian International School and Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) – bringing the school team to the National Championship.

In terms of certification, he achieved

  • International Tennis Federation (ITF) level 1 & 2 certified coach
  • Bachelor Degree of Science – Exercise and Sports Science
  • National Registry of Coaches (NROC) certified level 1 & 2 senior coach
  • Singapore National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) certified
  • International Tennis Federation World coaches workshop
  • NCAP Certified fitness Instructor
  • First Aid & AED trained

Given his accolade and wealth of experience, Coach Ian is definitely well qualified to be the tennis coach that you are looking for. 

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