Adult Program

Step-by-step guidance to develop groundstrokes, net play serves, volley using biomechanics

(NTRP Rating 1.0 - 2.5)

(NTRP Rating 3.0 - 3.5)

(NTRP Rating > 4.0)

Develop consistent rally with coaches/peers at mini court to 3/4 court with direction

Learn rules and scoring system

Spike interest through fun games and simple matches

Step-by-step guidance to develop top spin, slices and variety for net play 

Develop consistent rally with coaches/peers on baseline with direction, depth and spin

Develop direction in serves and net play

Learn to play a game of full Singles and Doubles match

Develop overall gameplay with consistency, direction, depth, spin and power with biomechanics  

Learn and apply the 3 court situation (attack, neutral, defend) 

Sharpen Singles and Doubles tactical strategy

Coach Ian adjusting the posture for a student.

Coach Ian guiding student on how to serve.

Adrian Eraso, Head of Digital Enablement & Business Management at Standard Chartered Bank

Taha Bouqdib, CEO & Co Founder of TWG & Bacha Coffee

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What is NTRP?

NTRP refers to National Tennis Rating Program which is a classification system that identifies and describes general characteristics of tennis-playing ability.

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