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Learn to Play Program

Don't know if tennis is suitable for your child?

Fret not....

In this super beginner and kids friendly  "Learn to Play" program, our coaches will guide your child step by step to embark on our well established 4-Steps structured training that will allow them to grasp the basics right.

Your little ones will get to know how to 

  • do the basic swing properly
  • coordinate their hand and eye to work in sync
  • improve their agility and footwork
  • most of all, have fun in the process!

"Improvement in a  short time"

My young daughters picked up tennis under Coach Daryl and he was able to cultivate interest in the sport for the girls. 

He is encouraging and friendly with the kids and I’ve seen improvements in a short time. I would strongly recommend Coach Daryl to any parents who wish to find a tennis coach for their young ones.

Watch the Kids In Action!

"I enjoyed Coach Ian classes because they are fun and I get to learn new things that helps me in developing my tennis game."

Aanya, 10 years old

Under 10 STA Girls Singles Champion 2021

Under 12 STA Girls Doubles Ranked 1st

Junior Development Program

In this program, kids have already grasp the tennis fundamentals and they are ready to progress further in their skills. Biomechanics is the science of movement of how muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments working together to produce optimum movement. 

As such, combined with science and our wealth of experience, we will help your child to brush up on their groundstrokes, top spin/slices, net play, placement shots, drop shots, 1st and 2nd serves etc.

Junior Competitive Program

In this advanced program, it will be a different ball game.

Our coaches will help to shape your child to be the next tournament champion by having a tailored training for you. Periodization is an exercise design technique that promotes long term performance improvement and we will have it catered to each individual student.

Besides that, we will designed tactical training for different match situation so that student will be able to handle the competition when the need arises. 

Harnessing on Biomechanics which is the science of movement, we will train your child to leverage on it to improve their current skillsets.

Last but not least, combining Fitness, Mental training and Dietary advice, we will help to bring out the very best potential of your child to deliver their optimal performance for the competition. ​

Kids Program

We have specially curated three Kids programs to cater to students of various needs.

  • Learn to Play 
  • Junior Development
  • Junior Competitive

Find out more below to see how can we help your kids!

In addition, our coaches will focus on improving their weakness by going through our fitness training most importantly inculcate in them the champion beliefs so that they can excel in tournament!

Aanya, 10 years old

Under 10 STA Girls Singles Champion 2021

Under 12 STA Girls Doubles Ranked 1st

Our Students Love it!

Fun Learning Indeed...

Mother of 3 young daughters

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